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   Cash for your junk car 
serving Michigan Detroit Metro tri county area's  #1 junk car removal service (248)632-4550


(248) 632-4550

Why donate and wait?

 when you could have $$$cash$$$today!

(248) 632-4550

We pay top dollar cash on the spot for your junk or unwanted car,truck,van,suv. How we do this is we work in conjunction with one of the largest auto recyclers in the state of michigan. This is a safe worry free way to get your driveway back ! do it before winter.We specialize in same day immediate removal !

    If you would like a cash for your car   instant quote please call (248) 632-4550 to  speak to a Customer Service Representative.


                                                Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take & pay for  cars that are missing parts?

Yes, we accept junk cars that are missing parts.  Junk cars are required to be at least rolling, “must have wheels and tires”.

Do you need my title?

yes title is preferred

·        Is there a charge for the towing?

Not at all - We cover all towing charges.

.How soon can you pick up my car?

We specialize in same day service; if another day is more convenient for you we can schedule a date/time at your request. If you require immediate assistance then call us after finding your title and we will dispatch right away.

       We tow and dispose your unwanted junk cars for free and at no hassle to you.

       The removal process is fast, simple and reliable.

       If you want to get rid of your junk car in a safe, worry free manner, just follow the easy steps below.

How does it Work?

      find your title &  call us at  (248) 632-4550

                              A convenient pickup time will be coordinated with you.

                          We specialize in same day pickup!cash on the spot       

                              for your junk car

we pay cash for your junk car and tow it away all in the same day

Get your driveway    back! (248)632-4550

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